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Sunday 20 April 2014

Joan and Jackie have fun on Norton

Joan and Jackie Collins during the filming of the New Year's Eve Graham Norton Show

Joan and Jackie Collins have appeared to together on The Graham Norton Show, dismissing the rumours that they do not get on.

Actress Joan, 80, and her younger sister, 76-year-old writer Jackie looked as glamorous as ever on the episode due to air on BBC One on New Year's Eve as Joan let host Graham and fellow guests Frank Skinner and Michael Buble try on some of her wigs.

Asked why they have never been on a chat show together before, Joan said: "We have been asked many times but we're not a double act."

Asked about the myth that they don't get along, Jackie said: "It's crazy, we don't know where that came from. There was a period when I was going out or was married when we didn't see each other much but now we see each other all the time."

The sisters also recalled their younger days growing up together.

Joan revealed: "I remember the night Marlon Brando cast his eyes on Jackie. Next thing I know they have disappeared and I was meant to be looking after her."

But Jackie added: "I arrived in Hollywood aged 15 and she said, 'Here are the keys to my apartment, learn to drive, I'm off on location'."

Joan showed off her wig range and the male guests had a laugh trying them on. Canadian crooner Michael joked: "I so badly want to go home and wear my wife's clothes."

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