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Joan Collins: Hollywood men are vain

Joan Collins says "Hollywood men are a lot more vain" than other guys.

The showbiz diva has compared leading men to their counterparts from outside the industry, claiming they are more narcissistic than most.

The actress added that self-absorbed males are completely unattractive and revealed her three other turn-offs when it comes to the opposite sex.

"Oh, Hollywood men are a lot more vain, and vanity is unacceptable in a man," she told the UK edition of Glamour magazine. "What shouldn't a man do? That's easy: tell a woman she reminds you of her mother; kiss a woman after eating garlic and talk about football constantly."

Joan also spoke about the pressure of being a young star in today's showbiz industry.

While the younger generations are constantly under the prying eyes of the media, she believes bygone eras of Hollywood history were far more shocking.

The 78-year-old claimed that past decades have been a lot more debauched, with plenty of alcohol abuse and sexual encounters going on.

"These days, the stars can't do anything without being criticized. But what went on in the '30s, '40s, and '50s was much more shocking than what's going on today: they were all drunks and nymphomaniacs back then," she said.

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