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Joan Collins: Jackie flirted with Brando

Joan Collins once lost her younger sister Jackie to Marlon Brando, after the pair flirted together

Talking to British chat show host Graham Norton on his New Year's Eve show, Joan recalls a young Jackie arriving in Los Angeles to experience Hollywood life.

While out, movie star Marlon soon took a shining to the young Collins sister.

"I remember the night Marlon Brando cast his eyes on Jackie. Next thing I know they have disappeared and I was meant to be looking after her," laughed 80-year-old Joan.

"I arrived in Hollywood aged 15 and she said, 'Here are the keys to my apartment, learn to drive, I'm off on location," added Jackie.

Actress Joan and novelist Jackie have both enjoyed successful careers in their respective industries, but very rarely join forces for interviews.

Joan explains that although they've been asked many times to appear on chat shows together, they're not a double act but rather respected artists in their own right.

Jackie was also quick to dispel rumours that the siblings don't get along.

"It's crazy; we don't know where that came from. There was a period when I was going out or was married when we didn't see each other much but now we see each other all the time," Jackie said.

Glamorous grandma Joan also talked about one of her memoirs, where she reflected on her past love life, which has seen her married five times.

"I dish the dirt on a series of terrible husbands. They took advantage.

"It was a total act of lunacy. It was menopausal madness," she laughed about her fourth marriage to Peter Holm in Las Vegas.

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