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Joan Collins: Naked advert was fun

Joan Collins had "a blast" while filming her new TV advert, as she was surrounded by "half-naked men".

The iconic actress and former Dynasty co-star Stephanie Beacham recently shot the new Snickers 'You're not you when you're hungry' campaign.

Joan had fun filming for the commercial.

"Stephanie and I had a blast being surrounded by half-naked men!" she exclaimed in an interview with Closer magazine.

Joan is famed for her diva-like behavior, and admits that her reputation is an accurate one. The 78-year-old star has revealed that she is hard to be controlled.

"I'm a total diva in real like. I'm very difficult - ask anybody!" she smiled.

"I always have my dressing room painted pink and full of Evian!"

Despite admitting to being difficult, Joan recently revealed that some rumours about herself are beyond fathomable.

"During the height of Dynasty, that I walked into a restaurant in a mink coat and slipped on a lettuce leaf and fell flat on my face!" she exclaimed when asked what was the most ridiculous rumour she's read about herself.

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