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Joan Collins talks 'dangerous' exercise

Joan Collins doesn't think people who are obsessed with working out are that healthy.

The British star has spoken about the things she would change if she was in charge of the world. Making children spend time outside is top of her agenda, as she believes health is something many people take for granted.

That doesn't mean the 79-year-old wants people to work out for hours at a time though.

"Physical exercise of any kind is really important. 'Use it or lose it,' I say. But I'm not one of those people who works out madly for four or five hours a day; a lot of those women have needed hip and knee replacements. Everything in moderation," she told Stylist magazine.

Diet is also something Joan thinks is vital. While her perfect meal as Queen of Everything would be caviar served with a baked potato and sour cream, there is one tipple she would not allow to pass her guests' lips.

"Fizzy drinks would be off the royal menu. I'll ban them. That will make me unpopular but I think they're just poisonous," she said. "Maybe once in a while but I know kids get addicted and drink six or seven cans a day. It's just terrible."

Joan has a reputation for being something of a diva, but insists that isn't the case at home. She has been married to her fifth husband Percy Gibson since 2002 and he keeps her in check.

"I couldn't live without my husband. He's be a better king than I would be queen; he's much cleverer, more intelligent and he's a take-charge kind of guy," she explained. "He's funny, caring beyond belief and gallant, all the things a consort should be... We don't agree on everything all the time, but our differences aren't earth shattering. He usually gets his way. Actually it's about 50/50."

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