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Joan Rivers celebrates birthday with ‘80th face’

Comedienne Joan Rivers jokes she will celebrate her recent 80th birthday with her “80th face”.

The legendary comedienne became an octogenarian on June 8.

Joan is open about her multiple cosmetic operations and has been visiting the same plastic surgeon since 1983.

Joan knows exactly what to gift herself for the special occasion.

“I am very happy to be 80 and I am celebrating it with my 80th face,” she laughed to Extra.

Joan has been involved in the entertainment industry since the 1950s.

She loves her life but only has one regret.

“Never did a*s sex,” she quipped.

Joan currently hosts TV show Fashion Police with Kelly Osbourne.

She is not considering retirement anytime soon.

“And do what? Do what? You have to look to the future,” Joan declared.

“I want to get a service dog, because that’s good, you can blame your farts on that. ‘Stop it, Rover! I’m so embarrassed!’ ”

Joan is disheartened by the news of Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt.

The 15-year-old daughter of late singer Michael Jackson tried to end her life last week by taking nearly 20 ibuprofen tablets and cutting herself with a knife.

Joan’s heart goes out to the troubled young girl.

“I think I was so upset by that because you know to the outside world she’s so beautiful, she’s a beautiful girl and all that money and doors will indeed open for her and all that and to be that tormented at that age,” Joan said.

“I just feel… what a sad, sad, legacy, what a hard road she’s going have. How we never know when you look at somebody from the outside what is really going on inside.”

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