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Joan Rivers: I need challenges

Joan Rivers "loves a challenge" when it comes to comedy.

The feisty host of TV show Fashion Police feels she is most talented at making people laugh.

The comedienne often tests her ability to make strangers crack a smile on occasions when she has nothing to do.

"If I ever get into a cab with a horrible driver who is furious, I give myself the challenge of making him laugh," Joan revealed to British magazine Grazia. "And I can always do it. I love a challenge."

Being funny is a quality Joan prizes most in people. The Hollywood star admitted a sense of humour is not only something she looks for in a partner, but the times she has made people laugh are some of the most precious to her. In particular, she feels her best moments in life have been on stage doing her outrageous stand-up performances.

"[The thing I value most in a partner is] humour all the way. And total loyalty," Joan revealed. "[The last time I was happy was] on stage last night. In my career, the happiest I've been is on stage."

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