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Jodie Foster: ‘I'm a super-cool mum!’

Jodie Foster tries to be a relaxed mother because her own was so cautious.

Jodie Foster is a "cool" mum because she gives her children plenty of freedom.

The Oscar winner, 53, has sons Charles and Kit with her ex Cydney Bernard. Despite her success as an actress, she'll always see her job as parent as the most important.

"It will always be my favorite role," she smiled to Germany's Myway magazine. "I do believe I'm the right mother for my sons. When they need you they'll come for a cuddle, which I love. I'm also quite a cool mum. Not because I work in showbusiness, but because I'm quite relaxed and not overly cautious. I've always let my kids make mistakes, it's just part of growing up. Maybe I'm so chilled out because my mum was so careful with me. I often go the other way and let them get away with too much - but don't tell them that!"

Jodie married Alexandra Hedison in 2014 and while she did address coming out in a 2013 speech, she's never openly referred to herself as gay. It could be down to the fact she values privacy so much, with leading as normal a life as possible right at the top of her list of priorities.

"Normality is so important to me," she stressed. "I'm a person who doesn't take themselves too seriously, which is important in my job. You're not allowed to give in to the hype. If you start to believe everything you're told all day, you'll have an ego the size of an elephant. And I know it's possible to lead a private life without all the cameras and journalists."

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