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Jodie Foster 'wanted to help Whitney'

Jodie Foster is still "broken-hearted" that she was unable to help Whitney Houston.

The two stars were good friends at one point but fell out. Jodie has never discussed what they disagreed on, but is said to be struggling to come to terms with Whitney's passing. The singer died in February and it was later found that drugs played a part in her demise.

"[Jodie] is broken hearted that she didn't do more to help Whitney. They were once very close, but Whitney's drug use ultimately destroyed their friendship. Jodie is absolutely devastated over her death," a source told National Enquirer.

"Jodie never forgot their close bond. And as Whitney sank deeper and deeper into drug abuse, she pulled away from a lot of people, including Jodie."

The actress apparently always thought she would reunite with Whitney at one point. She can't believe that is no longer a possibility.

"Jodie sent Whitney letters, offering a shoulder to lean on, and had mutual friends reach out to her. Whitney never responded and Jodie eventually gave up. But reconciling with Whitney was always on her bucket list," the insider added.

"She loved and admired Whitney and now she's kicking herself for not doing more when she had the chance."

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