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Joe Jonas overwhelmed by reaction to Cake by the Ocean

Joe Jonas has been overwhelmed by the reaction to DNCE's hit Cake by the Ocean, and still finds it amazing to hear the track on the radio.

Joe Jonas' band DNCE have been "off to the races" with their hit Cake by the Ocean.}.

The catchy summer track has already gone platinum in the United States and looks to be equally successful in the United Kingdom. Appearing on British television show Good Morning Britain on Friday (22Apr16), Joe and bandmate Cole Whittle talked about the song and admitted they have been overwhelmed by the reaction to the tune.

"The time was right to start a band," Joe said. "We just started creating this music and we’ve been off to the races. This song, Cake by the Ocean, has been huge for us and now, here (in the U.K.), it’s been amazing to meet the fans and hear it on the radio."

The song is the debut single from DNCE, which comprises Joe, Cole as well as Jack Lawless and JinJoo Lee. Cole added that the group didn't force the writing of the track, and it came somewhat organically.

"I think there’s some secret energy underneath songs," Cole shared. "Sometimes you try too hard or you’re chasing something and sometimes a feather floats down and lands in your lap. And this is a weird feather. But it’s still floating and travelling around the world and people are loving it and we are so happy."

Joe and Cole also spoke about the tragic passing of music legend Prince on Thursday (21Apr16). They have been covering his hit song Kiss as part of their sets in recent months, and Joe insisted he will feel the singer's loss both as a musician and a fan.

"We’ve been covering one of his songs, Kiss, in one of our sets and it’s very sad," Joe explained. "He’s a huge influence for probably every musician but for us individually, we love him. And he’s going to be greatly missed and his legacy is going to live on for a very long time."

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