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Joe Manganiello drops out of military drama

Newlywed hunk can't keep up with the demands of new Navy SEAL role.

Filming has halted on Joe Manganiello's upcoming TV military drama after the newlywed dropped out of the project due to a health issue.

The Magic Mike star is one of the lead actors in Six, an action mini-series about an elite team of Navy SEALs attempting to eliminate a Taliban leader in Afghanistan.

Filming began in February (16), but Variety reports production has been put on hold after a "very manageable pre-existing" health concern prompted Manganiello to quit filming. Sources tell the publication the actor is fine, but won't be able to continue due to the strong physical demands of his latest role.

Producers are already recasting.

While it is unclear exactly what ails Manganiello, he previously tore a tendon in his bicep while filming a demanding stripper scene in Magic Mike XXL.

He explained, "On take one of my finale routine, which we rehearsed and rehearsed and rehearsed and rehearsed, my dance partner did something unrehearsed, and the result was me hearing a loud rip and a pop. It was my bicep.

"I was on the table and normally a bicep snaps and rolls up into your shoulder and the arm turns black and caves in. That didn't happen so I thought it was a dislocated bone in my arm. This masseuse is trying to work what we thought was a bone back into my arm and Channing (Tatum) said, 'I'll move my routine up and do it today'. I just thought, 'There's no way. I'm not gonna make it tomorrow. My arm is not gonna move. If we go, we gotta go now...'"

He continued, "So for the next four and a half hours I did this routine which involves this sex swing and these monkey bars that I have to run and jump up on top of... We made it through and I got a pat on the back and an ice pack."

Immediately after filming the movie in 2014, Manganiello underwent surgery for the injury and was spotted with a large brace on his arm following the operation.

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