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Joe Manganiello's comic book thief past

Joe Manganiello thinks people are always “shades of different things”.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Joe Manganiello used to steal comic books as a child because he read them too quickly.

The Magic Mike XXL actor has become famous for his dashing good looks and ripped physique. But his cool status hasn’t always been the case, as he had a rather geeky hobby as a child.

“I was really into weird things,” he told Muscle & Fitness. “I was reading a lot of J.R.R. Tolkien and Stephen King. I was really into comic books. I was so into comic books that I was shoplifting them because I would read them so fast that paying for them started to not make sense.”

The 38-year-old continued to be in tune with his inner geek into high school. But because of his towering height, he had the opportunity to move into the sports arena too.

“Just like The Breakfast Club [movie], high school tries to put people in a category,” he explained. “You’re supposed to fit into this certain niche, and that’s never the case. You’re always shades of different things. I was so diametrically opposite in these major, major ways. I got along with a group – the weirdo intellectuals – who generally hate jocks. And I also was the captain of the sports team. So I got along with the jocks.”

Having a foot in both camps helped Joe get perspective on things from a young age, and it’s something he has taken forward with him into adulthood.

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