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Joe Thomas: I'm no ladies' man

The Inbetweeners guys have never used their fame to score women.

The 30-year-old actor stars alongside Simon Bird, James Buckley and Blake Harrison in popular UK comedy show The Inbetweeners and the two follow-on movies.

In the franchise they play clueless schoolboys who have some trouble when it comes to romancing girls. Although they're all spoken for, they've never used their fame to bag groupies.

"None of us have really ridden that wave," Blake mused to the British edition of OK! magazine.

"We couldn't have ridden that wave, come on!" Joe added.

Despite his claims, Joe did meet his long-term partner Hannah Tointon, 26, on the show, so he concedes The Inbetweeners did help him in the love department.

James, 26, plays crude wannabe womaniser Jay in the franchise. He's constantly making wild claims about sexual encounters on the show, which is a far cry from his real self.

The actor is actually married to model Clair Meek and they have two young children - Harrison, two, and Jude, 11 months - together.

"Not really, I know the score," he laughed when asked if he ever has problems with the explicit script. "Obviously my kids will never see it so it's not something I worry about.

"Clair isn't too thrilled about it - she thinks maybe her friends think she's married to Jay from The Inbetweeners."

While Clair might not be a huge fan of her husband's immature character, plenty of followers love his crass sense of humour. Unfortunately, their dreams are often crushed when they meet him.

"They think, 'Oh let's go and talk to Jay - this mental, sex-obsessed pervert.' Then when I shake their hand and say, 'Thanks for watching the show, I'm just going to drop my laundry off and get back to the wife and kids at home,' I can see a little bit of them die," he grinned.

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