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Joel Kinnaman: I screamed at director

Joel Kinnaman thinks Liam Neeson is a "very powerful" actor.

The 35-year-old actor was helmed by Daniel Espinosa for the drama movie, based on the best-selling novel by Tom Rob Smith. It was the second time they had worked together following 2012's Safe House and while they share a close friendship, that didn't stop them from disagreeing regularly.

“It was the very first day of shooting, with 20 extras and crew in a room. Daniel said something that p**sed me off, in Swedish. Then we started having a big argument, screaming at each other, then he walked out and I walked out,” Joel recalled to backstage magazine. “Then we came back into the room and said, ‘Let’s go.’ We know each other very well. Arguments don’t bother us, and often when we work, we hardly have to talk.”

Joel was also thrilled to work with fellow Swedish star Noomi Rapace for the film, who plays Tom Hardy's onscreen wife.

The story follows Russian military police officer Leo Demidov (Hardy) as he investigates a series of child murders. While Joel's character Vasili isn't the most likeable person, the actor jumped at the chance to play a "sociopath", describing the shoot as a "very intense, emotional summer camp".

Joel's been lucky enough to star alongside many big names during his career, but one job stands out; playing Liam Neeson's son in Run All Night.

“I will never forget his performance in Schindler’s List. And Run All Night was a beautiful, emotional script," he added. “Liam doesn’t complicate things unnecessarily; there is no chatter. You go in, do your job, and if you carry the conversation of the story inside of you, you don’t have to overthink things. That can be very powerful.”

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