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Joel Madden: People can change

Joel Madden thinks it's "never too late" to become a better person.

The singer regularly takes to Twitter to write philosophical musings to his followers. In a series of posts, the father-of-two insisted that people can always turn their lives around regardless of their past.

"It's never to late to become better. Everyday is a another chance (sic)," he wrote.

Earlier, he had mused about taking chances. The Good Charlotte vocalist urged fans to follow their dreams, even in the face of adversity.

"You've got everything it takes to do everything you want in life. Don't let fear make your decisions. We are all trying to do something that seems impossible. Believe in yourself. You will do it if you believe you can," he said.

"Floss yer teeth. Any other kind of Flossin' is whack to me. But we can all be, and have all been whack at some point so it's ok (sic)."

It seems the star was being philosophical as he had a bit of spare time on his hands.

Joel recently started duties as a judge on the Australian version of TV talent show The Voice.

The 32-year-old star has daughter Harlow and son Sparrow with wife Nicole Richie, and tweeted about missing them over the weekend.

"Wish my wife and kids were in Oz right now. Soon enough :) (sic)," he wrote.

He is currently filming Down Under while his family reside in Los Angeles.

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