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Wednesday 6 May 2015

John and JJ win horseplay task

John James and JJ were the equine stars of the latest task
John James and JJ were the equine stars of the latest task

JJ and John James and their trusty steed JJ Lightning have enjoyed a clear round and won the Big Brother pantomime horse task.

The boxer and his Aussie pal defeated BB superfan Mario and student Andrew, who paired up in their horse Kolsek the Butcher for the the final challenge - show jumping.

The housemates became "horsemates" to take part in a number of knock-out challenges to find out who would be crowned pantomime horse of the year, with the overall winner taking part in a special task with a chance to win up to £500 toward this week's shopping budget.

Earlier, cougar Jo and Bristol lass Josie and their horse BB Bombers were the first to fall in the Bleep Test challenge, while Jordan lookalike Corin and graffiti artist Sam and their pink pantomime unicorn, Tony the Curvalicious And Most Bootylicious Horse In The Whole Of BB World Best Served With Horseradish Dot Com, were eliminated after the Question of Horse quiz.

The final pairs were given three attempts each to run a show jumping course in the garden in the fastest time, and Andrew and Mario's horse Kolsek lost the challenge after tripping on their horse costume during their final attempt.

As JJ Lightning geared up for the second round, JJ told John James "like lightning", and the Australian muttered back "as fast as we can".

Trainers minister Dave and former military man Steve and the other housemates, dressed as jockeys, sat on hay bales watching the race.

After their first two runs around the course, everyone believed JJ Lightning had it in the bag, but Big Brother announced it was a dead heat.

But fortunately for JJ Lightning, Kolsek the Butcher slipped up at the third attempt.

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