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John Cusack: Hot girls don't look twice

John Cusack has taken a little time to adjust to his fanbase being moms, rather than hot young girls.

The 48-year-old actor began to make his name in the late '80s and early '90s, starring in flicks such as Stand by Me and The Grifters. His handsome looks won him scores of female fans, although he's had to adapt to their changing ages over the years.

“In the next box over there was a gorgeous girl – young, but she was looking right at me,” he told British newspaper The Guardian of a baseball game he attended. "I went to go to the bathroom and I saw her get up. I thought, ‘Ohhhh… she’s going to come and meet me and I’m gonna… you know…’ I was going to be really flattered. And she was, like, ‘I have to take a picture of you! You’re my mom’s favourite actor.'"

Age, especially in his industry, is something John has thought about a lot recently. His latest movie, Maps to the Stars, lifts the lid on a different side of Hollywood, where people chase after celebrity and are brutal to one another. One scene sees a group of teenagers make disparaging comments about their 26-year-old co-star, which John says isn't actually too far from reality.

"I got another 15, 20 years before they say I’m old. For women it’s brutal. Bruce’s [Wagner, writer] thing about if you’re 26, you’re menopausal? It’s only absurd because it’s a little bit further than the truth," he claimed.

“I have actress friends who are being put out to pasture at 29. They just want to open up another can of hot 22. It’s becoming almost like kiddie porn. It’s f**king weird.”

John is proud of the movie, as it shines a light on the way Hollywood has changed. He's tired with the era of the big-budget franchise and films with multiple producers, insisting things were better in the old days.

"You can’t make it up,” he said. “It’s a w***ehouse and people go mad.”

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