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John Legend: I'm not sure how I'll address racial issues with my mixed child

John Legend thinks Americans still have a lot to learn in terms of figuring out "how to see each other's humanity".

Singer John Legend thinks it will be "interesting to figure out" how to speak about racial issues with his mixed child.

The 36-year-old musician and his supermodel wife Chrissy Teigen are expecting their first child together.

John is African-American and Chrissy is half Norwegian and half Thai, so their offspring will be a fusion of several ethnicities.

Although John has been an outspoken proponent of civil rights pertaining to persons of colour for years, the star is not sure how he will explain America's centuries-old racial tension to his child in the future.

"It'll be interesting because our child will be mixed, you know?" he mused to USA Today. "They'll be part Asian, part white (and) part black. So, it'll be interesting just to give out even the idea of what race means - because it is a social construct that isn't really based on biology - or even thinking about how they'll identify themselves and what that'll mean.

"Of course, the kids are going to grow up with a lot of privilege. You know, (their) parents are very successful and can give them whatever they need. So, it'll be different than my childhood, of course. I'm not sure how I'm going to talk to them about it yet. That'll be interesting to figure out."

John believes Americans have a long way to go when it comes to fostering a sense of solidarity with mankind.

He is convinced some U.S. citizens and politicians are hell-bent on attacking others before even considering the merit of a different perspective.

"And that's relevant to us here," he said, referring to the importance of constructive dialogue in political and social discussions. "That's relevant as we see all these issues with terrorism and radical militants that are around the world. We can't solve all of it through violence. We've got to figure out how to see each other's humanity and value each other and learn to love each other."

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