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John Malkovich: I’m a normal guy

John Malkovich is proud of the fact he is an ordinary man.

The legendary actor-director-and-fashion designer has appeared in more than 70 movies during his lengthy career in the spotlight.

John feels lucky to wear so many different hats in life, adding that being an ordinary man is the talent he's most proud of.

"I don’t think about it [my appearance]. I’m a geezer - who cares?" John told Vanity Fair.

"My greatest extravagance was doing a fashion line... Watching seeds grow in the greenhouse. Drawing or reading or cooking is my idea of perfect happiness. Spencer Haywood, an American basketball player, once said that real stars are people who work in a factory and instil good values in their children. I admire sensible, kind people. They're not often famous."

The actor appears in new film Red 2 alongside Dame Helen Mirren. He reflected on his achievements in life naming his children as his best accomplishment.

"Raising children," he answered.

John claims he has too many bad traits to ever list them all and added if he died he'd come back "as an ass".

John says he could best be described as a curious person, which is reflected in his numerous occupations. In his friends he values traits such as kindness and honesty.

"Don’t have one. I like every occupation I’ve been blessed with having the opportunity to investigate," he finished.

"[In others I admire people] that are kind, trustworthy, smart, and can hear and communicate and aren’t afraid to do so."

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