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John Slattery: Hendricks is the best

John Slattery wishes he had gotten to work with Elisabeth Moss more on the set of Mad Men.

The 52-year-old stars as Roger Sterling in the hit AMC show Mad Men. His character had a romantic history with Christina’s character Joan Holloway which meant the two actors had lots of chances to work together.

“She’s the best. First of all, she can do anything as an actress. She’s got an emotional depth that’s enviable,” John gushed to Deadline. “She’s got a face that any camera loves and she can do anything any director asks her to do. There were some compromising situations over the years between Roger and Joan and Christina was always willing. That’s all you can ask for in a fellow actor.”

The 40-year-old wasn’t the only cast mate that John enjoyed working with. He also cited his scenes with Jon Hamm, who plays Don Draper, has some of his favourites.

“The best times as an actor on that show were scenes with Don, those were always great,” he added. “I got to work with Lizzie Moss less than I would have liked. That was one of my favourite moments, playing organ while she rollerskates around the office.

“It was a great visual example of how this thing has just fallen apart and been taken apart. But there were so many satisfying moments and so many funny, well-written lines I almost can’t remember them all.”

The level of enjoyment working together meant the final days of shooting were extremely hard for the cast. Thankfully, they managed to make the most of their wrap party.

“On the very last day we had a party and it went on into the wee hours,” he said. “But we all enjoyed each other’s company from the beginning. We all got how much we enjoyed each other but also how fortunate we were to have this kind of situation.”

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