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Johnny Depp: Lone Ranger make-up confused pals

Even Johnny Depp's close friends didn't know who he was when he was dressed up for The Lone Ranger.

The actor stars alongside Armie Hammer as Native American Tonto in the action adventure.

For his role, Johnny dons an elaborate headdress decorated with a stuffed bird and sports a painted white face with black make-up around the eyes.

"Joel Harlow built the make-up and he came over and took some pictures," he explained to MTV News.

"I took those photographs to Jerry Bruckheimer," Joel added.

"Johnny showed it to Jerry [Bruckheimer, The Lone Ranger producer and Johnny's friend] and Jerry said, 'This is great; who is this?'"

As well as celebrating his latest movie release, Johnny turned 50 earlier this month.

The milestone age doesn't faze the Hollywood hunk.

"It's great," he smiled to E! Online.

"I mean, I think any day you wake up and you're still around is a good thing. Every time you could take a breath and exhale and inhale again, it's a good thing... 50 is, like, 'Sure! Why not?'"

The star had a scary experience while filming The Lone Ranger when he narrowly avoided being trampled by a horse.

Johnny still isn't sure how he didn't come off worse.

"It was a weird one," he mused. "Amazingly, I got up and walked away from it with just a few scratches."

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