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Johnny Depp: My films scare people

Johnny Depp keeps every strange costume he’s had to wear for a movie.

The actor has sported some pretty bizarre looks in flicks such as Edward Scissorhands and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barbour of Fleet Street, as well has his latest venture The Lone Ranger.

BBC Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw admitted to Johnny during an interview he was terrified of his Edward Scissorhands character, which caused the star to reflect.

“Imagine how many lives I’ve ruined!” he laughed.

For the 1990 film, Johnny had wild messy hair, a ghostly white face and knife-like contraptions on his hands.

In The Lone Ranger he dons a stuffed-bird headpiece and elaborate make-up, with the 50-year-old keen to keep each costume.

“I figured since you’d done your time as your character the least you can do is walk away with the gear,” he mused.

The Lone Ranger sees Johnny as both a young guy and an old man, thanks to special make-up.

When the process was complete, he couldn’t help but compare himself to an elderly family member.

“I looked exactly like my great-grandmother; although I’ve never seen her shirtless…” he joked.

As Native American Tonto, Johnny has several scenes on horseback.

Working with the animal proved easy for the star.

“I did [have] long scenes with a horse. I’m glad my long scenes with a horse were a Disney film, as opposed to a different kind of film,” he deadpanned.

“The horse was a pleasure; he didn’t make any sudden moves towards me, it went well. I mounted him, he did not mount me.”

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