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Johnny Knoxville reluctant to mimic Arnold Schwarzenegger

Johnny Knoxville didn't mimic Arnold Schwarzenegger on the set of their new movie because he's "very bad with accents".

The stars appear in The Last Stand, which sees their characters unite to stop a Mexican crime boss fleeing America.

Arnold is renowned for his movie catchphrases such as 'I'll be back' which he uttered in The Terminator. While some members of the cast were happy to show off their impressions, Johnny didn't give it a go.

"No I didn't slip in too many catchphrases on set, I was just doing my best to remember my own lines," he laughed to Cover Media. "But he was very generous on the set and kind to everyone. I was very intimidated when I first met him because of all the things he's accomplished but he just went out of his way to make everyone comfortable and so when someone is so generous - he doesn't want to hear me doing catchphrases. I'm very bad with accents."

Jaimie Alexander also helps fight the bad guys in The Last Stand and admitted she did occasionally find herself slipping into an Austrian accent.

She shared a lot of scenes with Zach Gilford, who was extremely proud of his vocal prowess. Jaimie recalled one instance when Arnold caught Zach in full flow, much to the younger star's embarrassment.

"I did [do the catchphrases]. Not when he was listening because I'm terrible at it," she laughed. "Actually Zach Gilford would do it a lot. One evening, it was when we were [filming the scene where we were] supposed to be checking for tyre tracks and I don't know if Zach was just tired or what but he started going off in his voice. [He didn't know Arnold was behind him and] I was like, 'Stop talking Zach!' and he was, 'No, check out this one.' And he kept doing it and I was like, 'OK...' But Mr. Schwarzenegger has a great sense of humour and I think you're OK with people doing that, right? It's what people love and it makes them happy and you do it out of enjoyment and respect."

Arnold added he loves to hear people repeating his best known lines as it shows how much his movies have touched his fans.

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