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Joker Dianna Agron

Dianna Agron's mom wouldn't believe her if she said she was pregnant or engaged.

The Glee star visited a British radio show today, where she was asked to call her mother and play a trick on her.

Unfortunately the actress has messed around with practical jokes so many times that her mom wouldn't believe anything she tells her.

"We could say [I'm] filming in New Zealand for two years..." Dianna mused to host Nick Grimshaw.

"I've pranked my mom so many times that if I said, 'Oh, I'm getting married, I'm having a baby,' she'd be like, 'Oh, you're doing that thing again.' I've used them all too many times!"

The 27-year-old star is currently promoting gangster film The Family, in which she stars alongside Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro, who she affectionately calls Bob.

She's enjoying spending some time in London, although it hasn't all gone to plan.

"I fell over in front of Bob and Michelle back at the hotel to greet them! 'Oh, it's so good to...' Trip! I blamed it on heels!" she laughed.

"Bob's great, he's loving his stay so far. He's in good spirits."

The Family tells the story of a notorious mafia clan who find it hard to change their ways when they are relocated to Normandy in France.

Spending so much time shooting and then promoting the movie means Dianna has little time to relax.

"It's too short but its good. [I've been] talking about myself all day long, it's so annoying..." she laughed of her trip to the UK.

"It's just been work, [but] we had a nice dinner and a movie night. We watched This Is the End."

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