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Jon Hamm considers Mad Men musical scene

Jon Hamm has joked the next series of Mad Men will include a regretful "musical number" from his character.

The star is famed for his portrayal of philandering advertising executive Don Draper in the AMC drama series. Jon is starring alongside Kristen Wiig in new movie Friends with Kids, and the comic actress has discussed what she hopes to see from Jon's womanising character in the next season of the popular TV show.

"I want there to be a musical number in it," she said. "There will be - spoiler alert," Jon joked, before Kristen added: "I just want your character to look out the window and be like [sings] 'What have I done!'"

Jon says real life scenarios provide great material for his film roles. In Friends with Kids focuses on the effect having children have on relationships.

Jon says it's important to get a balanced mix of comedy and reality into such films.

"We wanted to make it real and I think sometimes in real life, relationships don't work out. They are sometimes sad, even though you might root for the crazy kids to keep it going, we wanted to be real, and real sometimes includes sadness and meanness and shallowness and pettiness and all that stuff," he told Collider.

"And sometimes comedy," co-star Kristen teased before Jon added: "And sometimes it includes comic gold."

In the movie, everything comes to a head on a ski vacation. Jon has recalled disappointing vacations - saying they usually happen over the festive period.

"I've definitely had that experience when you think it's going to be one thing but it turns out to be disappointing. That's my experience with almost all New Year's Eve. You're always like chasing it. Everyone makes it high stakes," he said, rolling his eyes.

Jon was reunited with his Bridesmaids castmates Kristen, Maya Rudolph and Chris O'Dowd for Friends with Kids.

The actor was thrilled to team up with his former co-stars again.

"It was awesome to work with people that we knew, doing a completely different side of what they can do," he said. "And trust me, coming from someone who has the majority of his notoriety from one specific character, it's nice to get the opportunity to do something different."

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