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Jon Hamm happy with few lines

Jon Hamm doesn't mind having fewer lines in Mad Men occasionally.

The actor stars as the dapper Don Draper in Mad Men, alongside January Jones and Christina Hendricks.

In the sixth season's premiere Jon's character didn't have much to say, which was a nice break for the star.

"Number one, I was glad I didn't have a lot of lines. I didn't have a lot to memorise. It was interesting for me," he assured Zap2it.

However, the 42-year-old certainly isn't lazy and has started to take on extra tasks along with his lead role.

Jon has dabbled with some directing, after seeing many famous friends do it with success.

"Directing had been brought up to me at the end of season three. I said, 'No, thank you.' Between then and now I saw John Slattery [act and direct] very capably [on Mad Men], I saw Ben Affleck do it also very capably [on The Town] and I saw Jennifer Westfeldt do it also very capably [on Friends with Kids]," he explained.

"So I thought, 'OK, I have now seen a couple of examples of this in action and I think I might be a little bit more prepared for the responsibilities of this.' And I did it last season. And I did it again this season."

Jon's celebrity pal Ben also acted in and directed feature film Argo, which led to him scooping an Oscar for best movie.

Taking on dual roles can also cause difficulties, which Jon has started to realise.

"I had a lot more to do in my episode this season as an actor. It was sort of a degree of difficulty more challenging in that respect. You are completely of two minds on set. It's a very, very difficult mindset to stay in," he admitted.

"You're watching one thing as a director and especially if you're in the scene you're watching one thing as an actor. I remember doing scenes with Ben on The Town where I would be like, 'Wow, you are totally watching me as a director right now and not as an actor.' It's a very interesting switch to be able to flip. He's very good at it and justifiably lauded for his talent."

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