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Jon Hamm: I don't need fame

Jon Hamm is still surprised when he sees himself on the cover of magazines.

The actor found fame with Mad Men at the age of 36. It's a late start to showbusiness, but the now-43-year-old never had any ambition to become a household name.

"Not really. I was never that person," he shrugged to Time Out London magazine.

"We all see that person in the world around us. There are plenty of examples in Hollywood that I won't name, because I'd get sh*t for being mean to people.

"But it's never been appealing to me. There are certain people who do it better than others. Who mask it a little better. But every time I'm confronted with ambition like that, I always find it a little off-putting. Look, we all need a pay cheque, but I never felt the need..."

Mad Men is currently in its seventh and final season, and the star admits he worries about what will come next. However, he's enjoyed his time in the business so far - even making the cover of GQ for its September issue.

"I definitely didn't need that. It's nice," he smiled.

"I was walking by a newsagent in Soho around the corner from here and I saw the cover. I was like, 'That's me!' So it's mostly surprising to me. I don't necessarily need it or want it. And look, it'll probably be gone very soon. It is what it is."

On Mad Men, Jon is known as his character Don Draper, a notorious ladies' man. In real life, he's very different and admits it's "irritating" when people confuse him with his alter ego.

"It's not me, I'm playing a character. I'm just doing my job as an actor," he said.

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