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Jon Hamm: I'm not sexy

Jon Hamm finds the notion of being a sex symbol "confusing" and "silly".

The handsome actor rose to prominence playing suave womaniser Don Draper in hit TV show Mad Men. Now in its seventh and final season, Jon says he's a world away from his on-screen alter ego.

In fact, the 43-year-old star worried TV producers when he auditioned for the role, as they didn't think he was sexy enough to take on the job.

"I'm sitting here in my sweatpants, with my dog, Cora, and wondering when she's going to be fed and walked. The idea of being a sex symbol is something I don't relate to at all. I find it confusing and silly," Jon smiled to British magazine Grazia.

In the '60s-set show, Don has now turned to alcohol after marriage problems that include cheating. In real life Jon has been with his partner Jennifer Westfeldt since 1997, though the pair have never married.

"I'm not against it; marriage works for a lot of people - they call it an intuition for a reason," he mused. "I think everyone should be able to get married - or not. Gay, straight, knock yourself out; if that's your jam, do it."

On the subject of Don, Jon can't help but feel a fondness for the charter that changed his career. While the two men wildly differ, Jon can see where his screen persona comes from.

"Playing Don has certainly had a huge impact on my career, in that I didn't really have one before," he laughed.

"He is certainly no role model. But perhaps what people can identify with is a dissatisfaction, a striving for something, a kind of ennui, I can certainly relate to being in a place in your life when you think, is this all there is?"

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