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Jon Hamm: I'm the crazy uncle!

Jon Hamm is amazed that one of his sisters is already a grandmother.

The 43-year-old actor's parents had both passed away by the time he was 20, so he turned to his two older sisters for support. They have remained close, even though their lives are poles apart.

"I lived with my older sister for a year while we figured out what was going on," he explained to Stylist magazine. "They are from my father’s first marriage and are seven and 11 years older than me. They live in St. Louis and have grown-up kids and one has a grandkid now so I’m the weird uncle who lives on the West Coast."

Jon's mother passed away when he was ten and he lost his father at 20. It had a profound effect on him and he had to deal with feelings of being abandoned. He found creating a schedule he had to stick to really helped, so he filled up his days with tasks. Eventually he began to feel better, but one of the hardest lessons to learn was that there is "no shortcut through grief".

As well as his sisters, Jon had several older people who looked out for him and he will always be grateful for that.

"I had a lot of surrogate parents, most of them being my friends’ moms and dads, and there are three women in particular who still maintain a very familial relationship with me to this day," he explained. "I had another friend whose parents let me stay in their basement for a year after college when I had no place and no money. They were kind to me and they did it out of the goodness of their heart; they weren’t doing it for a promise of anything other than that they saw this lost soul."

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