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Jon Hamm recalls awards rejection

Mad Men star Jon Hamm decided to host a party for stars who lost out on awards because he was tired of waiting in line to get into glitzy after-parties.

Actor Jon Hamm once threw a party for Emmy Awards losers so he didn’t have to “stand in line” and feel rejected.

The Mad Men actor finally took home the best lead actor Emmy at the ceremony in September (15), marking the eighth year he'd been nominated for his role as advertising executive Don Draper in the hit TV show.

As he has experienced more failure than success when it comes to awards night, he wanted something to celebrate afterwards. He came up with the idea while chatting to his pal Amy Poehler, with the pair believing this would be the best way to get over the disappointment of missing out on a trophy.

“We hadn’t lost yet, but we were nominated and so certain we were going to lose,” Jon recalled while appearing on US TV show Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday (01Nov15). “We called it the Losers Lounge. We were like, ‘We should throw a party for all the losers.’ There is only one winner, there are more losers than winners, so why shouldn’t the others have a party. Then we can always get in and we don’t have to stand in line.”

Jon and Amy accepted that they couldn’t discriminate when it came to their guests, so they decided Emmy award winners could also attend their bash. While disappointed nominees were allowed to enter for free, trophy holders were expected to make a $1,000 donation to charity before joining the festivities.

“If you won an Emmy you couldn’t come, sorry guys you have your own party, you can’t come in,” Jon laughed. “With the exception of, unless you wanted to donate a hefty sum to a charity of our choice. Then you can come.

“You had to write a cheque at the door and you couldn’t come in unless you made a significant donation. And don’t bring your Emmy, we don’t want to see it. We did have a couple of winners; we had Julia Louis-Dreyfus that night. But they definitely felt charitable that night.”

Jon believes he was nominated for around 15 different awards before he finally won the outstanding lead actor in a drama series Emmy for his performance in the final season of Mad Men, earlier this year (15). The 44-year-old star was overwhelmed by the reaction to his triumph, with the star-studded audience giving him an enthusiastic standing ovation.

“Having no experience to compare it to, it was like nothing I have ever experienced in my life,” he smiled. “Having Tina Fey announce my name was so nice because we have so much history, we are friends and did multiple shows together. To see everyone spontaneously stand up, I don’t know if they were told to do that, but that was special.”

Jon insists he was happy with how Mad Men finally came to an end after seven seasons. In the last scenes, Don was seen dreaming up an iconic Coca-Cola advert during a meditation session, and Jon is confident he knows what would have happened to his character next.

“I'm willing to bet that Don Draper was on a plane the next day, back to work, and was like, ‘I got the great idea, let's go,’” he smiled.

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