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Jon Hamm recalls Mad Men casting

The cast of Mad Men have recalled their casting stories and sadness at the show finishing.

While fans of Mad Men won't be able to imagine anyone else in the suave role, Jon admits TV bigwigs didn't see him as Don.

Luckily for the actor, show creator Matthew Weiner had other ideas.

"Some people went in once and got cast; there was a little more reticence with me. I was on the bottom of everyone's list," Jon revealed to The Hollywood Reporter. "The one person who was an early champion of mine was Matthew."

The cast of 60s-set Mad Men are getting ready to say their final farewells to the show, which comes to an end later this year after seven seasons.

The stars have posed in a slick shoot for the publication, recalling their on-set memories and casting stories.

For the role of Peggy Olsen both Elisabeth Moss and January Jones auditioned. While January didn't win the part, she did get written in as Betty Draper.

"I was the first person to audition for Peggy. Matt showed us all our audition tapes at a gathering, and it's hilarious because I don't look anything like Peggy [in the tape]. I'm 23, blonde, tan. I look like I just walked off of the beach," Elisabeth smiled.

"I came in for Peggy twice. Matt said, 'Well, there's another role, but I don't really know what's going to happen with her.' He didn't have any scenes for me, so he quickly wrote a couple," January explained.

Mad Men also launched the career of Christina Hendricks, who plays femme fatale Joan Holloway.

"I was up for another pilot, and I chose Mad Men. The [agency I was with] was like, 'It's on AMC, it's a period piece, it's never going to go. Are you crazy? You're not going to make money for us…' I thought it was a little impatient of them. So I moved on," she smiled.

As the final curtain looms, Jon admits the cast have only recently accepted that Mad Men will be no more.

"Everyone went through the stages of grief: anger, frustration, sadness and then, finally, you get to acceptance. And nobody knew how it ended, so there was a lot of anxiety about that, too," he said.

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