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Jon Hamm turns agony uncle

Jon Hamm has been dishing out some sensible guidance as an "agony uncle" for teen girls.

The Mad Men actor has provided his personal advice on a range of matters for the Ask A Grown Man video web series on Rookie.

In the video, the Hollywood hunk is seen reading questions out loud from a phone and addressing the camera directly. The first question he tackled was from a 16-year-old girl who was worried about her love life.

"One day a guy wanted to get with me, and the next, he changed his mind. What do I do with this flipflopper?" Hamm is seen musing, before lending his advice to the lovelorn teen.

"You're 16-ish, so I'm assuming he's the same age. Give the guy a break. Maybe he changed his mind. Maybe you'll change your mind," he said.

"You'll be just fine. The world's your oyster. If a guy doesn't want to get with you, don't sweat. There's a lot of guys out there. Don't define yourself with who wants to get with you. I'm sure you're a lovely person."

Jon also gave his verdict on the question: "If a girl farts in front of her significant other, should she feel embarrassed?"

"No of course (not)," he explained. "Everybody farts."

In total, Jon answered five questions before signing off with a tongue-in-cheek message for his listeners.

"Well these have been my five questions. I hope I've been helpful. I'm 41-years-old. It doesn't mean you have to pay attention to me. You're probably all too young to watch Mad Men, so I don't know. Enjoy The Hunger Games," he quipped.

The web series for Rookie has also featured actor Paul Rudd.

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