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Jonah Hill accused of using homophobic slur

Jonah Hill has seemingly been caught using homophobic language to a photographer.

The 30-year-old actor allegedly uttered the word while being followed by paparazzi in Los Angeles. He was walking around the Larchmont area of the city when the incident occurred, with TMZ obtaining a video of the moment.

Jonah apparently became annoyed at being tailed by the photographer, especially when he poked fun at the star's outfit.

"Suck my d**k, you f****t!" he appears to say.

Jonah and his friends were walking when photographers began following them and shooting questions in their direction. Initially the Moneyball star didn't answer, but appeared to be talking to a guy he was with.

The paparazzo, who doesn't work for TMZ, continued throwing remarks at Jonah, eventually commenting on his attire.

"I like the shorts though, bro. They are pretty sexy," he said, referring to the floral patterned pants the star was wearing.

Jonah continued walking down the street, with the photographer in hot pursuit. The snapper followed the star for around 40 seconds, before seemingly deciding to leave things and wishing the star a "good day". It was then that the comedy actor lashed out with the profanity.

At the moment his representative hasn't given TMZ a comment.

In the past Jonah has been a very vocal campaigner for gay rights. Last year he tweeted his opposition to Russia's fierce new anti-gay laws, later talking to E! Online about why he had to speak out.

"I have tons of gay friends, gay family members. It's like saying, why do you think people should breathe?" he stated.

"I support anybody doing whatever they want to do to be who they are."

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