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Jonah Hill fails to prank co-star

Jonah Hill tried to play a practical joke on Channing Tatum, but failed as the hunky star is too muscley.

The two actors appear alongside each other in 21 Jump Street, which is a big screen adaptation of the famed TV show.

Jonah and Channing got along well while shooting, although Jonah tired of Channing's pranks. The former stripper would run up to Jonah and pinch his nipples when he was least expecting it. Jonah saw the funny side, but was disappointed when he tried to copy the trick.

"Getting back at Channing was impossible," a source told National Enquirer. "Jonah just couldn't get any leverage on those nipples of his - because it's all muscle under there."

The pranks didn't dampen the two actors' friendship, with Jonah recently praising Channing's comic timing.

Channing is renowned for playing jokes on his co-stars. He appeared alongside Rachel McAdams in The Vow and one of the tricks he played on her is legendary.

"As probably everyone knows, [Rachel's] a very good girl," he explained, "So I wasn't sure if she's ever seen a penis. And um, I wanted to make sure that she saw a good one for the first time.

"So I had the props make a very large prosthetic... There is this scene where I have to walk in naked and she got a good reaction. They actually used it in the movie."

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