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Jonah Hill: I sneak into movies

Jonah Hill has admitted to sneaking into movies.

The actor explained that if he doesn't enjoy a film at the cinema, he switches screening rooms and watches something else.

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star also named his favourite movie of all time.

"I tend to stay. I don't waste money. I've sometimes gone and seen another movie instead at the same theatre," he told Empire magazine when asked if he'd ever walked out of a movie showing. "[I've seen] GoodFellas [more than any other film], because it's the greatest movie ever made. Maybe my favourite performance is Joe Pesci in that film. I'd be pretty upset if someone tried to remake it."

Jonah also revealed that he loves watching TV.

The comedian insisted he isn't obsessively glued to the small screen, but claimed that none of his friends get as much joy out of catching up on their favourite shows.

The actor also revealed which snack he won't be consuming during a viewing session.

"I'm not a couch potato but when I do do it, I enjoy television more than any other person in the world," he said, before adding, "I hate the way black liquorice tastes. It's the worst flavour in the world."

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