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Jonas Brothers: Adele's a champion

The Jonas Brothers think Adele is "one of the best artists ever".

Kevin and Joe Jonas are elated to see Adele perform at this Sunday's 54th Annual Grammy Awards.

Adele is in the running for more than six prizes including Best Album of the Year for her record 21.

Nominated in 2008 for a Grammy Award in the Best New Artist Category, the brothers lost out to Adele.

Kevin doesn't have any hard feelings about Adele's win.

"We lost," Kevin joked to MTV News. "To Adele... she's only like one of the best artists ever. It's cool."

Joe believes that all the singers nominated in the Best New Artist category should be really proud of their achievements.

"I think, go in knowing that you're a winner already," Joe shared. "You got that far, you should feel like a champion. I believe Norah Jones said it, 'Sometimes it can be a curse'. You get scared if you're gonna win. I'm not saying there's a curse on Adele - she's amazing! - but a lot of times there's a lot of artists that didn't end up winning that became huge, so you're a winner [regardless]."

The Grammy Awards will take place in Los Angeles this Sunday.

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