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Jonas Brothers encouraged Nick’s hunky pic

Nick Jonas’ siblings Kevin and Joe egged him on to post a photo of himself shirtless online.

The Jonas Brothers musician recently posted an image of his buff chest on Instagram that got fans’ tongues wagging but the pop star’s older sibling now admits Nick was hardly confident about sharing the snap.

"He actually didn't even want to post it," Kevin Jonas revealed to Entertainment Tonight.

"The real story is he was like, 'No, no, no,' and we all were kind of like, 'You've gotta post the picture!'"

Nick, 20, is close to his bandmates and brothers, 25-year-old Married To Jonas star Kevin and 24-year-old heartthrob Joe.

The diabetic musician admitted "it was fun to see the reaction" to the photograph but he was more pleased he encouraged those with his condition to get healthy.

Nick is set to appear as Doug Martin in 2014 thriller Careful What You Wish For.

He gets his muscles out again in the flick, co-starring Isabel Lucas and Dermot Mulroney.

"I'm shirtless in this movie quite a bit… pantless too," he admitted "No clothes."

Despite his appeal, Nick may be off the market soon as he’s reportedly dating Miss Universe Olivia Culpo.

He was spotted dining out with the 21-year-old beauty queen recently in New York City, leading to speculation a romantic relationship may be blossoming.

"Nick was leaning in towards her across the table like she was saying something really important," a source told E! News.

Following dinner, the duo walked through the city streets hand-in-hand.

"They looked really happy when they walked together," the insider continued. "Me and my friend both agreed they were, like, swinging their arms all happily."

Nick is also looking forward to becoming an uncle. Kevin and his reality star wife Danielle recently announced they are expecting.

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