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Sunday 20 April 2014

Jonjo and James: Out but not down

Jonjo Kerr says he knows he can return to the army

Jonjo Kerr was criticised by the X Factor judges for his song choice of The Kinks' You Really Got Me, but insisted he had no regrets.

He revealed: "I don't regret singing that song because it was a good choice. And the crowd that were there seemed to really enjoy it. So I was a bit taken back by the negativity of the judges, but I don't regret it at all."

The 28-year-old soldier said he would not have agreed to dress up in over-the-top costumes for his performances if he'd made it further in the contest, but said it wasn't a clash of personalities that had made judge Louis Walsh send him home.

He added: "I wouldn't have gone out covered in glitter.

"I think Louis knows that I wouldn't have taken any rubbish. I would have gone for it and I'm not afraid to voice my opinion, I think that's what he liked about me.

"He wanted me to be myself and that's what I've been the whole way through."

The axed hopeful plans to pursue music for now, but knows he can return to the army. "I'm sure that they'll welcome me back with open arms," he said.

Meanwhile, fellow booted out contestant James Michael admitted he hadn't been sure about singing The Beatles' classic Ticket To Ride.

"I said to Gary, 'I don't think the song's going to go down that well. I don't think it's going to win me any more votes or anything.' I wanted to do a more current song with more vocal range," he explained.

The curly-haired singer added: "I am bit gutted. But I think I'm going to find a good backing band and get in the studio and try and write some amazing music and get gigging all over the country."

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