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Thursday 17 April 2014

Josh Bowman: Women are powerful

Josh Bowman

Josh Bowman has quipped Revenge reflects real life as the show is dominated by females.

The British actor stars as Daniel Grayson alongside his off-screen girlfriend Emily VanCamp in the gripping drama series.

Revenge features a host of strong females and the hunk quipped it’s just like his day-to-day experiences.

“A lot of the men on this show don’t have as much power as the women. It is [like real life]!” he laughed to Australian radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O.

“What’s that saying? Behind every successful man is an even greater woman. I’m loving what’s going on with my character [in the new series]. I hope it doesn’t get too complicated for the audience and they bear with us.”

Revenge features a complex plot, centred on Emily’s character Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke who takes on a dual identity to avenge her father’s death.

Josh and his co-stars try to keep things drama-free on set to cope with the challenging storylines.

“It is a lot of waiting around [on set], it depends what kind of day it is. There’s a lot of drama in the show so we try to keep it light between takes. If not, I guess there’s one person in a corner having a good old sob and then we get back into it,” he grinned.

“We try to keep it light!”

To portray Daniel in the American show, Josh has to ditch his English accent in favour of a US drawl.

The star made light of his convincing acting skills.

“[The accent] is tough, but it pays my rent; do whatever you’ve got to do!” he quipped.

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