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Josh Brolin: Will Smith is superhuman

Will Smith "is not human" says his Men in Black 3 co-star Josh Brolin.

The two actors appear alongside Tommy Lee Jones in the latest instalment of the science-fiction comedy franchise, which is due for release later this year.

In the new movie Tommy's character, Agent K, is at risk and Will's character Agent J teams up with the young Agent K - played by Josh - to save his partner and the future of humankind.

Josh was in awe of Will on set.

"I think I'm used to a lot more physical. I think Will had more. He had to jump off the factory, had to jump off the building and all that. Will had some running, Will had some crashing and falling. So the stunt work for me, was watching Will do stunt work," he smiled in an interview with ET online.

"Will is a machine when it comes to it. The guy works out all the time. He makes a point out of it, also. Unfortunately, I wasn't working out so much. I lost a lot of weight, but I wasn't working out a lot - for personal choices, I guess.

"But Will's a machine - Will's not human. He does this other thing. He's got another intention that I can't necessarily grasp. It's much higher than my ability."

Meanwhile, Tommy has revealed his own thoughts on time travel. The star says he wouldn't feel comfortable going back in time to the 60s.

"Oh hell no," he laughed.

"I don't think there are any good ol' days anywhere. This is the good ol' day. I think we're better now."

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