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Josh Duhamel: Fergie fails at dressing our son

Film star Josh Duhamel has shared how he and wife Fergie share dressing duties for their son Axl.

Actor Josh Duhamel is bewildered by how his wife Fergie dresses their son to look as though he's in a boy band.

The handsome star and Black Eyed Peas singer tied the knot in 2009 before welcoming their little boy Axl in August 2013. Josh and Fergie certainly don't disappoint with their stylish ensembles while out and about, but Josh doesn't approve of what his spouse chooses for Axl to wear.

"It's a constant struggle between Ferg and I about how we dress him," he laughed to "Her style of dressing him is much different than mine. If she's out of town I take him to school, and if I'm working she takes him to school. So I'll see paparazzi pictures of my son in leather pants and sunglasses and a scarf, and I'm like, 'What the hell are you dressing him in?!' She's like, 'What? He looks like a little boy.' He looks like a little boy in a boy band. I'm more baseball cap and bare feet."

At the moment Axl is happy to spend his days playing with his toy trucks and watching kids' videos with his mum. Josh describes him as the star of the show at their house, and the actor loves how active the toddler is.

It seems like Axl takes after his dad when it comes to his choice of playthings, as Josh couldn't hold back his enthusiasm when discussing his favourite Transformer with the outlet. He's starred in three of the recent instalments, including the 2009 remake.

"Ironhide because it was this big, badass, black truck, and I have a black truck that it reminds me of," he gushed. "And he was sort of on the periphery of good and bad. He was considered an Autobot, but he was kind of an outlier."

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