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Josh Duhamel: Fergie's pregnancy is long

Josh Duhamel feels like Fergie's been pregnant for a very long time.

The Safe Haven actor and his singer wife are currently expecting their first child together.

The 40-year-old has discussed how the couple have been preparing for their baby boy.

"It seems like she's been pregnant forever because everybody was saying she was pregnant for the last several years!" Josh joked to CelebBuzz."But it feels to me like it's gone by super fast. We just really couldn't be any more excited about it."

Fergie has been getting baby ready by attending classes, buying nursery decor and stocking up on diapers. Meanwhile, Josh is taking things day-by-day.

"We're trying to be as organised as we can, but you can never really be fully prepared until you see [him], until you actually experience it," he said. "There's no preparing for the actual day [he] gets here."

Josh says Fergie is blossoming as she approaches her final days of pregnancy. He gushed about how well his wife has handled being with child.

"I think I've put on more weight than she has!" he said. "She's in really good shape. She's taking to it so beautifully. A girl that worked so hard, such an amazing artist and performer and all these things and for so long was focused on that, to see her now become not only that but also turn into this mother, it's beautiful. And she's doing it seamlessly."

Josh confirmed the rumours that the couple would be having a boy earlier this week. The star playfully chose a blue onesie over a pink one during an appearance on TV talk programme LIVE with Kelly and Michael.

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