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Josh Duhamel: My son is so like Fergie

Actor Josh Duhamel is astounded by how much his two-year-old son looks like his Black Eyed Peas star wife Fergie.

Actor Josh Duhamel's son looks so much like his wife Fergie sometimes he wonders whether the tot is his.

The 42-year-old hunk and his Black Eyed Peas star wife are parents to two-year-old Axl, with Josh excited about how his son is developing at the moment. As he's got older the tot has become the image of his mother, something Josh has no problem joking about.

"He definitely looks like my wife," he laughed to ETOnline. "I look at those two together and I'm like, 'Wow! that's amazing! I'm not even sure if this is my son!'"

Personality-wise the little one is more of a mixed bag, taking in bits from his mum and dad. Josh didn't go into detail about what his son likes and dislikes, only saying it's too early to predict what his real loves will be. That said he does have some interests, most notably what he's going to wear for Halloween (31Oct15).

"He knows what Halloween is and he loves watching his Halloween videos," Josh laughed. "It's not just five little monkeys jumping on the bed, now it's five little zombies jumping on the bed. The big question is whether or not he's going to be a construction worker or a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle."

There is likely something else Axl loves about the spooky holiday, as earlier this year (15) Josh revealed he'd become obsessed with candy. The star and his wife are doing their utmost to curb his love of sweet treats, but it's been proving hard as not everyone around them is as happy to deprive him.

"When my sister and my friends are in town and they see him, that’s the first thing they do to try to win his favour,” he previously laughed.

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