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Josh Hutcherson: Hunger Games fanfare intense

Josh Hutcherson is emotionally preparing for the attention Hunger Games will receive.

The 19-year-old actor plays Peeta Mellark in the upcoming sci-fi action film, which also stars Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth.

Speaking on TV talk programme Good Morning America Thursday, Josh revealed his sentiments about the flood of acknowledgment the movie is receiving currently.

"Oh Jesus," Josh responded when interviewer Robin Roberts pulled out a Hunger Games merchandise pillow with his face on it during their chat. "That's a lot. Millions of people are going to sleep with me."

Unlike his fellow castmates who lost weight for his role, Josh transformed physically by increasing his bulk. Protein rich foods helped him pack on the muscle necessary to depict his character Peeta properly.

"It wasn't, like, a fun like go over to McDonald's and Taco Bell and enjoy that kind of food," Josh explained. "I had to eat chicken, fish and all the very intense protein-type food."

Hunger Games will be released in theatres from March 23.

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