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Josh Hutcherson: I don’t document my life

Josh Hutcherson likes it when people can’t quite place where they recognise him from.

The 22-year-old actor has become famous around the world for his role in The Hunger Games franchise. But despite his newly found fame, Josh likes to keep a low profile when he isn’t working and won't be found tweeting or photographing his every move like many other celebrities.

“I don’t like to document my life in any way. My life of work is documenting, when I’m filming. But when I’m in my own life, I want it to be undocumented,” he explained to Vanity Fair. “I like to live my own life and live in the moment. I think so many times you miss out on the real moments that are happening because you’re trying to capture it to save it for later.”

Not only is Josh not a fan of social media, but he admitted during the interview that what he dislikes the most is when fans ask him for a photograph, and nothing else. On a number of occasions he has been approached for a picture, agreed, and then the person in question just walks away without really speaking to him.

“You didn’t actually meet me. All you did was get a photo,” he sighed. “You could have Photoshopped me into that and it would have been the same experience for you.”

Josh also finds it amusing when people approach him but then can’t quite place where they know him from.

“My favourite thing is when they’re like, ‘Where’d you go to school? What’s your name? God, you look so familiar,’” He laughed. “Sometimes people are like, ‘Anyone ever tell you you look a lot like that guy from The Hunger Games?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, they tell me that a lot.’”

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