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Josh Hutcherson tells fans to stop hating

Actor Josh Hutcherson finds being a celebrity a negative side effect of being an actor.

The Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson finds it "insane" that people intrude into his life so much.

As one of the main stars of the hugely successful movie franchise, Josh is used to being recognised for his art. He's also at ease with promoting his work, but says the line between sharing information and over exposure is a blurry one.

“For me, overall, the relationship with media, press, social media, is very frustrating because it’s a balance of wanting the interview to be representative of you, but at the same time, not wanting to give all of yourself to the media,” Josh told “It’s absolutely insane, not just the media’s invasiveness, but social media and even fans. I have so many fan groups that hate on the people around me. Any girlfriend that I have, or friends that are around me, they get hate mail on Twitter and Instagram. You can say whatever you want about me, because I don’t read it, but my friends and family - they’re not doing anything wrong at all, and yet they’re unfairly getting dragged into this.”

Many may point out that Josh has chosen this life thanks to his career path, but the 23-year-old refutes the claim. He says it's unfair for people to think celebrities are fair game when it comes to being hounded by the paparazzi or becoming the target of phone hackers.

"I started this when I was nine years old," Josh sighed. "I was a kid in elementary school that had a dream of making movies, of being an actor, and being a filmmaker. I didn’t say that I wanted to be famous, that I wanted the world to know my name. Never my thought. All the way through my acting career, (celebrity) was a horrible negative side effect that I never once thought was going to happen to me.”

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