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Josh Hutcherson's hot dates

Josh Hutcherson likes his dates spontaneous and potentially a little hazardous.

The Hunger Games star is lusted after by many women and gets to share a cheeky kiss with co-star Jennifer Lawrence on screen.

When it comes to real-life rendezvous, he likes to keep things interesting with a ride on his motorbike.

"Going to the movies or to dinner is fine. But for something special, it has to be spontaneous. For me, it'd be getting on my motorcycle and driving up the coast to a hotel on the beach," he shared with the latest edition of UK Cosmopolitan.

"For safety on the motorbike, [my date would have to wear] jeans. I've had people on the back burn their legs! But it depends on the girl. If she feels good in high heels, great! That's when a girl is sexy: when she's feeling confident."

Josh, 21, previously dated Spring Breakers star Vanessa Hudgens, but is currently believed to be single.

On a date he will always try to come across as macho.

"If anything goes wrong, you find a way to laugh about it; it's no big deal," he shrugged.

"One time I picked up a girl on my bike and she sat down before I was ready, so a 300lb. motorcycle fell on my ankle. It hurt so bad. I had to act tough and I could hardly walk! But we powered on."

Josh plays Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games, the love interest of Jennifer's Katniss Everdeen.

Locking lips with the pretty 23-year-old means he has a high standard when it comes to kissing now.

"She's definitely many a man's desire," he mused.

"For me, she's like a best friend and a sister, so it's a little bit incestuous. But she's a great kisser - so, yup, the bar is high!"

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