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Joshua Jackson: My sex scenes cause silence

Joshua Jackson loves to cook with his longtime love Diane Kruger when they spend downtime together.

The 36-year-old actor stars in Showtime TV series The Affair, which centres on the illicit liaison between a waitress and a teacher, who are both married.

Joshua has been in a relationship with German model-and-actress Diane Kruger since 2006 and when they watch The Affair together she’s not bothered by her boyfriend’s sex scenes, but his other loved ones seem to be disturbed by the lustful interactions.

"Diane really likes the show," Joshua told Us Weekly magazine, noting he and Diane often watch episodes together which feature him having sex with his on-screen wife Ruth Wilson. "It hasn't been too awkward, but I certainly have plenty of friends in my personal life who, after the first episode were like, 'You really needed to tell me to not watch that with my wife because now I’m in like awkward silence place for two days.' Or you get the side-eye halfway through and you know you’re in trouble. That’s when as a man it’s good to just go up and get a beer. Just don’t be in the room for that next scene."

Both Joshua and Diane are extremely busy with professional obligations.

But when they share downtime together, the couple will often find themselves crafting delicious meals in the kitchen.

"We love to cook," Joshua gushed. "Because we’re all over the place so often, and an actor's life is constantly in the air, to just be home and cook for each other and cook for friends is actually our greatest joy, probably."

Joshua doesn’t really have great culinary skills.

But he feels fortunate that his partner is such a good cook.

"I am not, but [Diane] is,” Joshua responded when asked whether he’s impressive in the kitchen. "I’m a very good sous chef now. I'm an excellent assistant. Somebody's got to do it."

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