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Jovovich: No French kissing

Milla Jovovich thinks it's scary how fast children grow up.

The actress-and-model is married to director Paul W. S. Anderson and together they have six-year-old Ever.

It scares Milla, 38, how fast kids are growing up these days and she wouldn't be happy if her daughter fell in love with someone.

"One of my French friends has a son, he's only just ten, but he's already had his first proper kiss," she marvelled to German TV channel TELE 5.

"I think in Europe it's all a bit different. I would kill my daughter if she had a boyfriend at the age of ten - especially if they were kissing with tongues!"

Milla admits she didn't tell her parents when she enjoyed her own first kiss.

"I was 12. That might be young, but it's better than ten!"

The star is famous for appearing in the Resident Evil movie franchise and has rubbed shoulders with some of Hollywood's biggest stars on the red carpet.

Despite this, she likes to keep her work and private life separate.

"Who would want to be friends with an actor?" she queried.

"Of course you'd chat to them, but they're not the people I invite over for a barbecue. The few actors I stay in contact with all say the same thing. Stars have hardly any friends, they have good agents who make it look as though they have a lot of friends."

Rather than hang out at celebrity haunts, Milla likes to stay at home with her family.

Her husband Paul, 48, can never quite believe how homely she is.

"I love it when I can cook, clean and tidy," she laughed.

"My husband is also surprised. He always says, 'You fight [onscreen] and look super sexy. But at home you're a domestic goddess.'"

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