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Judd thrilled for Jurassic's Pratt

Judd Apatow remembers the opening of Jurassic Park as being like a rock concert.

The pair worked together on 2012 flick The Five-Year Engagement, years before Chris became one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

While Judd didn't flock to see Chris' latest film Jurassic World, he's pleased his former colleague is doing so well.

"I'll catch up to everything at some point. I have kids, and they like to see 'em all. There are some [summer blockbusters] that I'm more interested in than others, but by the end of it, I'll see the majority of them. I love Chris Pratt and I'm thrilled that he's doing so well, and Guardians of the Galaxy was incredible," Judd smiled to Details. "I remember going to see Jurassic Park opening at Universal Citywalk, and it was like seeing Led Zeppelin - the place went bananas."

Judd juggles a career in writing, producing and directing and sometimes combines all three on a project, like Knocked Up.

His latest film, Trainwreck, starring and written by Amy Schumer, is the first the 47-year-old helmed without penning it. However Judd was more than happy with Amy's words.

"There just should be more movies that are written by women, that star women, that are directed by women; they're really underserved, for all sorts of reasons, even though they're half of the earth. We do get projects like this. I mean, there are some amazing movies about interesting, flawed women over the years, but just not enough of them.

"And I think that any character in any movie should be deeply flawed, because who wants to watch a perfect person? I mean, unless... I can't even think of a movie about a perfect person, unless it's a Mother Teresa biopic. All storytelling is about people who are kind of messed-up trying to figure something out," he explained.

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